With us you can learn…

…how to embrace grief & grieving, and how to practically facilitate and hold space for others and yourself to:

  • Transform emotional pain into medicine for oneself and the community.

  • Feel happy, lighthearted and joyful again, even after facing great losses.

  • Become a midwife for an amazing and brighter future that can be birthed only through the labor of grieving.


Elke Loepthien

Elke is the founder of the Circlewise Institute and has been developing and teaching our Institute's unique approach for how to weave healthy Connection Culture for our times for ten years, mainly in the transformational training-experiences that she designed around topics like: Deep Nature Connection, Nature Based Ritual Work, Circlewise Leadership and other topics of Connective Community Design & Facilitation, as well as mentoring adults and coaching and consulting for a variety of companies, communities and NGOs.

How it all started...

"Over fifteen years ago I was a desperate mother of a toddler, nearing a divorce, deeply troubled by the stage of the world and humanity, hungry to contribute something of value – and looking for some way to process all of my overwhelming emotions in order to just stay sane. 

It was then that I met my future teacher and friend Sobonfu Somé, a keeper of rituals from the Dagara people in Western Africa. 

In the years that followed I learned how to grieve (it did keep me sane!) – and I had the great luck to experience, host and co-facilitate grieving rituals with Sobonfu that served hundreds of people over the years.

I have become an avid admirer of the natural and inherent superpower that grieving truly is, and that we as human beings are gifted with from the moment we are born. 

Because of these rituals I could witness first hand the truly miraculous effects that well held grieving space can have even on people that were burdened with complex and compounded forms of grief and emotional pain caused by severe traumata and extremely painful losses. 

I got plenty of opportunity to taste and feel the incredible relief and sense of full aliveness (in myself and many many others) that can come with free grieving in it’s natural forms, and the feelings of delight and even bliss that return to life because of it. 

The medicine of grieving has been changing my whole work life as a teacher, course facilitator, counselor, mentor and coach tremendously, as well as my relationships to all of my loved ones. 

Understanding grief and grieving truly has become one of the most important ingredients for the effectiveness of my work as well as for my personal wellbeing and all of my relationships – as a mother, a life-partner, a friend, a neighbor and colleague. 

It helps me every day to not shrink back from waves of emotions rising (like I used to), but to create and facilitate safe spaces where grieving can easily and naturally happen, following a rhythm and flow in a sacred process, that can look and feel like some kind of miniature birth of a healthier, happier, renewed human being. 

After Sobonfu passed away in 2017 my own grief of losing her and everything that she had brought to our community, became a fuel for developing our own grief ritual, the „Grief Fire“, through which we continue to re-create a healthy grieving culture on a larger scale, many dozens of people at a time, each time we gather. 

And because it is such a fundamentally natural human skill, I know for certain that you can learn how to hold space for the magic of grieving, too! 

This online-course is a soulful and practical distillation of all of my extensive research, deep reflections, creative design processes and most of all of the amazing grieving experiences I was able to witness. 

It will help you to 

  • understand the core of what grieving really is (psychologically, physiologically, socially, mentally and spiritually) and WHY it is actually a wonderful thing, 
  • build familiarity with its manifold expressions and variations, 
  • recognize the psychological dynamics that can prevent us from experiencing the innate wisdom and emergent powers of grieving, 
  • offer you practical tools how to move through these blocks with ease
  • and so much more!

All of this in order to live one of our core abilities in this life – the ability to grieve and to harvest its sacred medicine for yourself, for your communities and for our world as a whole.“ 

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