We develop online learning experiences…

  • …in connection with people and nature

  • …inter-weaving the insights of holistic life sciences with a world view inspired by deep connection to nature and place

  • …creating a growing tool set for social transformation

  • …for regenerative, life nurturing culture that is regionally rooted and that powerfully contributes globally

  • …through which our all-connectedness with the living system Earth can be experienced and become the foundation for all of our actions

  • …for creative, life-nurturing and diversity affirming ways of interacting with all of our fellow beings

  • …for the wellbeing of all beings and the future generations

Learning online – deeply!

A commitment for full on, alive and real-deal trainings

Our commitment is, to fully support you and all the people who sign up for our programs to such an extend, that you can actually do this kind of work, with trust and skill and most importantly with heart, one fine day soon. 

Not to just copy and paste what you will be hearing here, but to do it in your own and absolutely unique way. 

Therefore we care all the more to learn what it is that YOU need, the challenges that you are facing, the curiosity and passion and longings that you've been holding around the topic of our programs.

Your needs and interests will be molded into the foundational elements of our courses on an ongoing basis.

Our Values

  • Welcoming & Belonging

    We welcome people just as they are, with all of who they are – so we can all give each other the gift of belonging.

  • Peace & Kindness

    We cultivate peace inside and in the spaces between us and we practice active loving-kindness.

  • Unity

    We seek unity to decide and act in ways, that seem adequate and acceptable for all of us.

  • Zest for Life

    We bring in humor, aliveness, authenticity and play.

  • Relationships & Family

    We honor relationships and create family-friendly spaces, where all generations can be together.

  • Diversity & Equality

    We honor and support diversity in all its forms, especially diversity of gender, race and ethnicity.

  • Respect & Dignity

    We respect and honor all cultures and believe systems. We learn with and from each other as equals, and through our (self-)empowered actions we create synergy.

  • Humility & Awe towards Life

    We look at the world from an animistic viewpoint, and we honor and celebrate the soul and the sacredness in the whole web of life. In the face of all the wonders of life around us we cultivate our humility and modesty.

  • Freedom & Empowerment

    We create spaces for self-organization, where freedom is being felt strongly, so that people can authentically unfold and give their gifts to the world.

  • Looking out for the gifts

    We direct our attention towards the gifts, qualities and potentials (of people as well as the possibilities that exist in the situations and circumstances).

  • Appreciation

    We appreciate what is there and heartfully share with each other what we got and what we see.

  • Groundedness & Devotion

    We offer knowledge that has been tested and we share our sources. We serve wholeheartedly, dedicated for the benefit of all beings, now and into the future!


from previous programs

An abundance of knowledge

"I have been amazed by the seemingly endless abundance of your knowledge and your gentle ways of passing it on, with a kind and loving humor, a lightheartedness and without any kind of dogma."

A Sense of Belonging

"Never before, in none of many seminars, groups, trainings, teams or other group settings, have I felt that I belong and that I am an accepted part of a community like I did in your training. This is the strongest quality that I am taking home with me from our time together, as a feeling and as a knowingness rooted deep inside."


“It's been very special for me how you are integrating and connecting such diverse and rich approaches in this training, that is AMAZING!"

Gold Nuggets

“You distilled for us gold nuggets from all relevant fields, always keeping it to what's actually helpful and presenting it in a fantastic way."

Depth & Understanding

"Listening to your teachings I often had a sense of myself really diving deeply into the different topics and to actually experience and understand what is at the core of them."

Incredibly Precious

"For me it was an incredibly intensive, deep, inspiring and joyful tracking journey, and what I learned along the way with you and our training group, are incredibly precious for me."


"I really appreciated the freedom to ask questions, share examples and also to zoom into the details. Because of these dense conversations I understand the depth and quality of all the teachings fully.”

A Foundation for Everything

"The knowledge that I acquired here will be the foundation for all of my future thinking and actions, in all of what I will bring forward in my life from here on."

The best experience of my life!

"From the depths of my heart I thank you for the best experience of my life! I am taking with me lots of hope for a better world, that seems possible, for my own life journey and how I can participate and contribute something good for the world. You have gifted me with so much lightheartedness, love, diversity, hands-on tools and professionalism!"

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